Care for your loved one when they need it most.

We all want to protect and care for our family through times of vulnerability, but often with memory loss there comes a time when providing daily care without additional support becomes overwhelming. At The Princeton, we understand that even taking the first step to seeking out additional support can be one of the most challenging and emotional in life. That’s why we would like to begin a conversation early, to ensure that there is comfort and confidence in our services.

Staff at The Princeton will be trained to provide quality care personalized to the unique needs of each resident. The neighborhood will be structured to offer an engaging and supportive environment that can be navigated with ease without feeling constrained or restricted. By focusing on dignity, quality of life, and independence, we’ll strive to create an experience where all residents feel respected and cared for, regardless of what they remember.

Memory Care Apartments

Memory care walks a fine line between being an apartment and a house. On the one hand, each resident has a private apartment – a space to call their own. On the other, The Princeton is set up so that each resident is surrounded by the services and amenities they need.

Assigned Life Enrichment Coordinators

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Quality care begins with quality relationships, and quality relationships begin with good communication. That’s why we pair Life Enrichment Coordinators and residents as a team – so personalized bonds of understanding and trust can be developed over time. By interacting with the same set of residents consistently, we are able to focus on conforming our services to their unique needs and identifying small changes in health and wellness.

Six out of every 10 people with memory loss will wander. Our challenge was creating a community that addressed the need for security without feeling restrictive or oppressive. We never want residents to feel monitored, so we’ll make every effort to integrate resident safety systems in discreet ways using new technologies and best practices.


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Life Stations

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Life Stations™, are planned strategically throughout our memory care cottage to promote engagement opportunities for residents. These specialized activity stations are designed to resemble important aspects of life to capture residents’ attention and promote a sense of purpose. Our Life Enrichment Coordinators will use these stations and other tools to engage residents with a sense of meaning and enjoyment.

Because of the unique symptoms and behaviors caused by memory loss, it can seem like the only solution is to limit and restrict the senior’s activity. But at The Princeton, we will have the means to do the difficult tasks to get residents re-engaged with life.

Memory loss is very hard on diet and nutrition. That’s why dining stands at the core of the amenities we provide. The entire program is designed to engage the senses and promote the appetite.

Just because something is harder doesn’t make it any less important, and that is certainly true with grooming and hygiene. In addition to the extra individualized attention we devote to each resident, we will offer a trip to the salon every week for special pampering – at no additional cost.

Salon Services

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Providing quality care for residents with memory loss is a highly specialized skill. That’s why our team is trained in communication, personal care, empathy, and more. Moreover, we will consistently be participating in new training to keep up to date on the newest and best methods of care.

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