More than mere personal care.

Personal care at The Princeton is a critical part of a much larger wellness-focused mentality. Proper nutrition is wellness. Activity and engagement are wellness. Spiritual health is wellness. In some way, everything that will be provided by The Princeton is centered on the individual.

The triangle is the strongest shape found in nature – and it’s the the three foundational points of how we approach personal care: Holistic, Goal-Oriented, and Personal. Learn more about how we build on that foundation below:

Pillars to Genuine Quality Care

Holistic Care

It’s easy to think of the physical aspect of personal care as an isolated service. But that is one aspect of a host of services that speak to the unique needs of each resident. Dining, resident services, personal care – everyone plays a critical role in physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual wellness.

Care Planning

Let’s go beyond just maintaining the status quo day in and day out. Let’s work together to set some goals and ensure that all of the services are aligned to them. Let’s think outside of the box and integrate technology and third-party services to elevate the services offered. At The Princeton, our goal will be to work with every resident to get you where you want to be.

Personal Choice

“I protect the dignity of others.” That’s one of our core values and something we stand by. At The Princeton, we are invested in you as an individual and respect your right to choose. You will work with our care team to create your own personalized care plan, and let us help you reach your goals.


Turning Common Sense into Common Practice

We create fully immersive virtual worlds on our computers – so why can’t we leverage technology to improve the lives of residents? At The Princeton, we are answering that question – we can. Technology is a part of our focus to improve the lives of residents, from better anticipating care needs to making everyday tasks more convenient.