Memory Care HERstory

As an experienced memory care director in a new Arrow Community Neighborhood, I am reminded of just how important personhood is in the experience of someone who is living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias.

It is important to respect the stories and history of those with dementia in order to do our part to help honor the residents for which we have been blessed to provide care. So often when someone is diagnosed with dementia, there is a real fear that comes with that diagnosis and what they are losing. By honoring their stories, we can help, in a way, keep those residents alive. The residents themselves are treasures to us, so we need to do our part to treasure their history.

In the Princeton neighborhood, we connect our residents to their history through use of photos, engaging with the families to learn more about the resident and their past, and reminiscing with not only the resident about their story, but including others in our neighborhood to help. We do our part to share the residents’ stories and history, as well as grow as a family together.

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