Deaf Awareness

I believe the Safe Awake Alarm with bed shaker would be a crucial additional feature to offer any resident living with hearing loss. Having this feature will allow those with hearing loss to feel safe, knowing they will be notified during a fire. It will also provide their families with that feeling of security, as well. Fire safety is of utmost importance in every community, and this includes providing the additional measures needed for anyone with hearing loss.

Just because multiple residents might be living with hearing loss, it will most likely affect them differently. At The Princeton, we want to appreciate everyone as a unique individual and celebrate their differences. Having multiple technological options for our residents is just another example of how we can demonstrate this. Just because one system works for someone, a different person might require something completely different.

Communication is so important, whether it be verbal or nonverbal. If someone is living with hearing loss, adaptation can be difficult. Luckily, as technology has made advancements in this area, residents are able to communicate more effectively. Technology has greatly improved our resident’s quality of life. Thanks to hearing aids, residents are able to participate in group activities that they might not have if not for the technology. Other technology allows them to receive the same alerts as others, just delivered in different ways, which help them feel safe and secure

doctor helping senior patient with hearing aid , close-up